A heart of Finland

I love visiting factories.  Their poetic mechanical side, the colossal size of the machines to print kilometers of colored fabrics, the repetition, the delicacy of the workers… the discovery of a parallel world.  I have been transported by the production of marimekko, their fabrics as well as their tablewares (this is how I cheaply replaced all of my dishes). The patterns express such femininity, of joy, of life.  Lots of vegetable inspirations (hence the parallel with the countryside of the island of Suomenlinna, 10 minutes by boat from Helsinki)(hehehe).

Thanks again to Maarit (whom you saw with the sublime neck tattoo) for introducing us to the brand.  She wore a Marimekko jacket.  So bold, and so chic at the same time.  It happened that the fabric of the jacket had been designed by Asao Kodama, the young Japanese that you see so filled with emotion.  She was discovering at the same time her latest design fresh off the printer and burst in tears (I am going to specialize in this type of emotion).I find this beautiful that on each roll of fabric the designer’s name is printed (he lives a little bit allover the world), as well as the creation date (some fabrics are printed since the beginning of Marimekko in 1951).

Until the very end of the trip, this was the most vibrant point of our visit… When all of a sudden we ran into this choir of women’s singing folk songs!  Lisa and I had chills!

Long live traveling!  I hope you enjoyed it because we will talk about this week in Finland again.

Have a beautiful week you all!

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