In Dora’s eyes

I randomly met Dora: while leaving a message on my fan page telling them I was leaving to Helsinki. Her sister in law contacted me telling me to check out her blog.I was not expecting to find such a personality on the other side of the screen. At first, I saw her incredible beauty, crowned by flowers, her smile, her eyes… fffff! And then slowly emerged the oriental music, the name of her tumblr, arabarabarab, her religion, her age, twenty three years old, her… husband… her hilarious video about the burka… I had to meet her. I had to !

When thinking about it, superbytimai is an extraordinary adventure because as always this blog is pushing me toward the other, me, who is so solitary…

Beyond religion, I was fascinated by her strength, her sweetness, the freedom of her choice, her outlook on the world.  She told me her history, how her finish mother cried when she announced at seventeen  that she wanted to become a muslim. How she accepted it. She told me that Khaled, her husband just moved to Helsinki. He’s british originally from Egypt. They started by a long distance relationship, for 3 years before getting married! Wow!

I can’t describe the state I was in when Dora pulled her rug out, her scarf. And she prayed too. The feeling of seeing her laying herself…bare. In such a way.



Fedayi Pacha : Sub Sahara (feat. Nassim Kouti)

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