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I was talking to a friend the other day about the evolution of the blog, about what this movie process makes me endure (nothing too heavy) (it’s just that the process is long and as soon as I integrate the time as an essential factor of the creative process)

About everything that it evokes, intimate thoughts, and I hope it is universal for all of you.


“We must send you a book then.”


“About intimacy – Far from the Noisy Love” has been eye opening for me.  First, reading it was incredible but then, this philosophical publication allowed me to put words on things that I have crossed my mind but that I was unable to apprehend.




So what is intimacy?  This thing so difficult to conceptualize because precisely it isn’t “a thought.”  Intimacy isn’t a physical thing which normally isn’t showable or describable in the moral meaning of the word, it’s because I am showing you my breasts (NAH BUT HOW HAVE I NOT EVER SHOWED YOU MY BOOBS!!!!) that I am talking about intimacy, it isn’t either because a celebrity is opening up her “home” in a magazine that she is sharing her real intimacy.


Intimacy is not a physical thing, it’s about what’s inside… the interior (Francois Julien notes furthermore that in opposition there is not more on the exterior than the exterior).  Which I understand, that there is an inner space deep inside us, and this space exists whatever happens, and it’s up to each of us to go and explore it.  Or not.  Naturally this speaks to me greatly!


Because intimacy is not gentle or soft.  It’s wonderful and violent at the same time.  This is why many make the choice, consciously or not, to never venture going.  “One must dare intimacy.”


Last week, I did a post on the sublime Elsa, and while researching the last Beauty Portrait I directed, I tracked down Mathilde… 1 year and 3 months earlier!  On my Facebook page, someone gasped out “finally!  I rediscovered the Timai of the beginning” but to be honest, no, I am not the Timai of the beginning!  Hahahahaha, because this blog has allowed me unconsciously to move from Beauty Portrait to seeking for intimacy (which can be seen within the evolution of the tips as well).

And to share it with all of you!


Also because the 2nd face of intimacy, when used as an adjective – we are “intimate” – there is the notion of the other, the Other, and this space right here “between you and I” is exactly the adventure that I am risking here.  Sometimes I may even find myself lost…. BUT I AM ENTITLED TO IT!




And every so often, the more intimacy, the more sharing, the more intimacy shared, the more my personal intimate space (mental, emotional, etc.) finds itself overwhelmed, and therefore growing.  I was never interested by the blogging phenomenon.  I found it interesting but I wasn’t drawn to it.  Yet frankly after this reading, something opened up, and I find being a blogger to be very beautiful.  To talk about intimacy without aiming for benefit, in any case not to own you; and it’s right then that sharing happens and not to show off, seeking validation, to seduce… to just share, just together.  Because then there is a genesis of “awareness.”  I LOVE IT!


Yes, it appears that the blog deals back intimacy cards, and that contrary to all beliefs, from what I hear within the echo of your feedback, the blogs, without taking a seat of intimacy which does not exist (I am not your girlfriend, I am not your mother, I am not playing with your kiddos) well, the blogs, not mine but blogs in general, know how to create intimacy.  An intimate space which we may not have known prior.  And isn’t this freaking genius?!!!


Timing could not have been any better, so good that this discovery allowed me to turn a new page on this blog, because it’s the last post published on superbytimai, which you have known for 5 years.  Say goodbye this weekend because Monday will be another day!


I kiss you on both cheeks.  Thank you Jean for this gem.  <3


De l’Intime, Loin du Bruyant Amour, de François Jullien

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