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A birthday with Tâm

Hahaha and long live guesswork and energy boost! Since their early age, we have organized birthday party for our kids.  And it’s always a cluster (proof is last year). I know that most parents plan activities, games, outing (sometimes even cultural) and I am in admiration but personally this is completely beyond me.  I am such a zero that I don’t even make the effort to prepare a birthday cake (proof of 7 months ago)( regardless, it’s a know fact, kids don’t eat their birthday cake)(…CANDYOHNONONOOOO!!!). From my point of view, we spend so much time raising our kids, to help them grow, and therefore literally bring them up, higher, taller, more “educated”, and if the job is done properly it’s sometimes beneficial to alternate with a, lets say more loose education. My dad used to always say “let them be” when talking about my brothers.  And I find this so much more inspiring.

I remember one year when Tâm turned four, we were late for the invitations and did them via text message.  And then at the very last minute, we made proper paper ones, for the gesture of it.  Our little cheeky monkey then distributed them to other kids, I mean kids that weren’t invited by sms… So much that we ended up not at 7, not at 12, not at 18 NOOOOOO! There was 25 kids at the house. TWENTY FIVE!!!!  No wayyyyyy!? Yessssss!!!! They were coming out from everywhere, closets, the beds, from the kitchen. Rolling on the ground, screaming of laughter and us, well we just let it go, and it was extraordinary!

Chilhood is the last land of freedom and I feel touched when Tâm and Leo’s friends are so comfortable and care free around us. Of course you are allowed to let the chocolate drip, to let your hair down et pose, to listen to top 50 tunes, to sing out loud, out of tune and even to make mistakes with the lyrics! This year, Tâm wanted mask, a masquerade ball and ooops, I forgot to buy them! Well, never mind my oversight, we took out a pair of sunglasses to get the general shape, some paper, markers, and all kind of colored tapes. Whoever was free to partake.

Kids, you rock !

Maitre Gims – Bella

Stromae – Tous les mêmes

Kendji Girac – Andalouse

Funktown America – Celebrate good times (Come on)

Sia – Chandelier

David Guetta – Dangerous


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