Purple Reign

Merci my King Prince

Almost 2am. For 2 days, i have been listening to him, on and on, I’ve been watching all his videos. On and on. But no words would come out.

When I was a teenager, I used to listen to his tapes, reading/rewinding x 3000 “Sometimes it Snows in April”.
Well, I feel such a sorrow for the loss of Prince. Well, I cannot really talk about him. Well, maybe, we could talk about colors? Did you say Purple? This color is between violet and Pourpre (The color that only antique Roman Emperors could wear)(you need tons of shells, called murex, to produce a couple of kg of Pourpre). On the other hand, Violet Purple, does not symbolizes much. Except in Italy, where Cardinals wear purple and, I am almost crying while writing this : people who are mourning their dead.
So what?! In Prince’s world, what would purple mean? A color from the night, oscillating towards dawn, and day. Purple is also called « sub-niger», just below black. The first color below black. The darkest chromatic color. It is said to be both colorful and/but dark, rare (it is so hard to synthesize it), ambivalent, vertiginous, mysterious, hypnotic… With strong temperament

And I love to think that when thinking of Prince because to me Prince, when I was listening to him as kid, looking at him as a teenage, understanding him as a woman, to me Prince was a vertiginous Character and Temperament. He was connected to his essence. Pure essence. He was actually so authentic.


I love his music. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. But I love the person too. Because Prince was… Enjoying. ENJOYING SO MUCH, with capital character please. When you see him play, when you him perform, he enjoys and embraces his life so much. We talked about it my post regarding his venue in Paris 4 years ago) What a moment! It was so crazy, so generous, so sensuous, so sensational (I talked about his erect guitar). When you see him playing, he was not only a star, not only a musical genius, he was “life”. His whole person was life. Sharing love from everywhere. And when I see all these videos I can feel how, all this music, sharing, love, vibes… Transforms into matter.

It is crazyness. It is life. He was that.
Some issues like gender (purple is known to be more feminine, it the color of Venus, the temptress Scarlet o’hara), sex, music, business, privacy… Prince never compromised. He was an eccentric but an authentic one. No wonder why he was so colorful. That also made him so profound. He did not show everything but he wouldn’t hide from anything. This is… Beauty.

While talking about sex, what comes to my mind is the main difference it made with Michael Jackson. Indeed. I loved him a lot too. But if we are talking about something else, in order to preserve ourselves a little bit, we could talk about beauty routines. Why not?!! Hairdo, skin color, makeup, we have here two men we can describe as heavy users. je l’aimais beaucoup celui là aussi. But you can see how an eye liner stroke can look weird on one, and playful and expressive in the other, from monstruous to sublime. And damn sexy!

Oh yes Prince, was a man, a true man. He was an artist. A true one. Totally free. An authentic and free genius. So… Funky!
So pur-ple.

We all die, but some things will never. 
purple tears, but you’ve got me laughing under your purple reign… forever!

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