And the Mas of Wonders

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Ahhhlalalalala! My kids are yelling at home : “one more Time!” Great!

I ve met Michel hazardously. I mean luckily. I mean, i was nnot there hazardously but what happened was not in our plans. Neither mine, nore his.

I was sent at the Mas by the fragrance  brand Ateliers Cologne in order to film citrus there. You may already know this legendary Mas, next to Perpignan, south of France. It is one of the most prestigious citrus producer, his fruits are requested and appriciated in the most refined gastronomic adresses, in France and everywhere in the world.


Benedicte Baches, my contact there, welcomed me under the rain “i hope you Have not Come for Nothing. There is merely no fruit left (you bet!) Michel (her husband) Will show you the place during approximation 1h for you To see where the trees are And then, We Will leave you here To do your business on your own and then go back To ours!”

And then Michel arrived. And then Time flied! I Thank Life To make me so ignorant, so that i can keep discovering its treasures. I really thought there were 2 kinds of orange : one to eat, one to drink. Ok well, with bloody orange too. Same think for grapefruit : one yellow, one pink. Plus some diffèrent lemons… Well it makes 10 species! Michel has stopped counting at 800!!!!! What a marvellous thing! I’ve spent the whole day tasting and discovering thousands of smells, Colors and shapes! What a divine And generous dream!

So, you think you’ en come To fullfill a spécific mission And you go back home filled with Life! This video is a humble Gift To Thank Michel And Benedicte for this wonder-full day!

Big kisses!

Basil Poledouris – The Blue Lagoon

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1 comment(s)

  • Tx Mai. I do feel & appreciate your curiosity, humanity, humour, love to share, laughter… Life! Love life!
    The citrus scents and tastes… çà donne l’eau à la bouche.
    Merci Merci Merci Bamboo Flower 🙂

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