Tsigo & Julie

the Softest Song

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Julie has come into my life for 3 years. She was applying for an internship. We’ve never got separate since. We have evolved so much, we have known hectic working session in the metro (the only way to meet between 2 different clients), our first contracts for photography, videos, more than a hundred different posts on the blog…. piouff. Julie and I are getting along so well because, she is my opposite : calm (i’m hysterical), hyper organized (i’m hysterical), sure of her values (i’m hysterical), young (mwahahahahahaha)! we are so complementary. and we like each other so much.

Last year, just after she got married (so young!), she called me to announce her pregnancy. I think i have shouted released the longest “ahhhhhh” ever. And here is the miracle.


And the life at the office is completely changed. He is so so cute. what a life, what a life!

That was my last post for this year. i wish you oceans of softness, oceans of light.

and Love. indeed.

see you very soon.

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