We are shining

Look At Us Now

Ow this warms my heart so much!

Last week Jerry and I had a long conversation. he felt totally depressed about DT inauguration. he just realized we had lost. It hurt me less because i already understood it before. so i surprised myself telling him : yes we have lost, but what? are we giving up now?! we have to fight back, and maybe differently.

On the other hand, what the Polanski affair made me realize, is how much, plenty of men just don’t see the point. It maybe important to shout out your disgust about DP or Polanski on social network, but it is much more powerful to have a transformative action with your people. our men (not jerry indeed), our women. to make them understand that what we are suffering about, is first their lack of concern. they don’t understand. make them understand. make them understand that all the time they spend ex (man) plaining us, justifying us the situation, is as much they don’t spend on understanding OUR point of view, our suffering, our EXISTENCE. intive yourself in the heart of the concerns. not caring, is the beginning of any fascism, against which they are generally ok to fight. And if you have examples of transformative discussions, arguments, please share them on the com. we have to help each other.

these marches all over the world made me vibrate and gave me courage, which is also transformative. because I believe, courage and actions are more transformative that disgust and opinions.

last we saw a documentary about  Nick Cave, 20000 days on earth. he is performing a song at the end that made me cry so much :

“I’m transforming
I’m vibrating
I’m glowing
I’m flying
Look at me now”

i cried, because i realized how difficult it is for me to talk to my people. i find it so hard sometimes because i am afraid of not reaching them. we were discussing about vulnerability isn’t it? But this song gave me courage to talk to people around me about all these issues. work in progress… ;p

So Look at us now, we are transforming, we are shinning… arf crying so much!

So from now on, I am ready, despite mockery or lack of concern to make my voice heard.

We will come back on Grayson Perry and his book soon because they will help us for these discussions to come. thank you for your coms, shares, and discussions. ACTION BABY!

Look at us now!

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