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Hello you!

I’m not sure if you know but for the past year I have been sharing office space with my darling Lisa.  I mean, sharing might be a big word, because I am there 3 times a month at most but still, my office is there and my little team can meet there whenever it pleases them.


As you also know my assistant Julie had a little boy, Tsigo, who made us all tear at Christmas.  She sometimes also works for Lisa and when I asked her what she wanted to do after her pregnancy leave, we all understood rather quickly that without hoping for too much that she would like to stay with him as much as possible.  So we organized a part-time schedule.  In short Julie works from home and at the office with Tsigo!  Which means that whether he laughs, cries or sleeps, this little bundle of joy goes from arm to arm all day long at the lemonade studio.


And I find it wonderful that Lisa and her entire team welcomed this baby with such joy (Tsigo is such a heartbreaker!) even though sometimes he cries, right…!

Some goodness Yoohoo!


The other day I was shooting for Sephora and the team didn’t have any issue either with this baby sharing our day.  So therefore it was smooth and joyful.


I never heard of such thing and wanted to tell you that this possibility exists, that solidarity is not an empty word and that the gestures of each can change the life or others.  That Julie and Tsigo, are incredibly lucky to be able to follow their desire of staying together.  We have a first baby only once in a lifetime and I am really happy that our work environment is also an environment where the human stays a priority.

Thousand kisses.


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