the Family and the Cosmos

I just had an outstanding experience. called the Family Constellations

There would be 2 ways to tell you about. one quite factual and the other a little more esoteric.

let’s start with the first. Sometimes some of us feel stuck in life. in our professional relationships, love affairs, parental relations, etc.

this often reflects a blockage in the family model. logical

However, the “simple” analysis techniques don’t give us an adequate understanding of intimate mechanisms, unconscious dynamics implemented by the whole family.

and especially, they don’t heal the soul. the analysis allows us to understand the intimate mechanisms, especially in relationship with the past. but it doesn’t heal, it’s only a starting point to further exploration. that’s where the constellations come in.

it could be done in two ways. individually or collectively. I choose the first option. and I already would like to experiment the second. everything is based on role plays. in a group, each one talks about his own case, and asks others to represent the members of his family. he chooses and places them according to the relations between them and thus he realizes his “constellation”.

So far. it’s quite simple. where things get exciting, is the point at which the movements “naturally” operated by the members of the constellation attempt to recreate a healthy constellation (yes because your basic constellation is neurotic) (otherwise you wouldn’t be here!). during individual sessions, people are replaced by soft toys. I can’t even describe to you the feeling of strangeness when you arrive in a room filled with teddy bears…so yes at this point it’s getting completely crazy. what is surprising is that each one “naturally” embodies the person he should represent … I promise. Some are beginning to develop some pains, to walk in a certain way, and so on. things that could possibly be linked with quantum physics (see my trans-generational post), where information suspended somewhere are reactivated, to express stories behind them.

Personally, in individual session, the therapist asked me to choose my teddy bears (different colors, sizes) and to place them.
Then she helped me to put them according to a “universal order”.  to get everyone back to their rightful places.

and it’s just … overwhelming.

where things get esoteric, it’s with this idea of ​​universal order, the order of love. I don’t feel like explaining or revealing this order, because for me, discovering this order during the session was a part of the recovery. anyway, I give you some rules: “no child can be the parent of his parents”, “every child must respect and honor his family”, “there is no opposition between the good and the bad, there is only destruction and love. ” anyway, an implacable but radical logic (it goes “in crescendo”), an order yes, that I’m still discovering the intensity.

once again, it’s overwhelming.

and this feeling of deep reparation. of gratitude. Constellation will not leave you unscathed. It will take 2 to 3 hours, sometimes a weekend. then a lifetime to enjoy the effects. In any case, more and more things are happening since I experiment it (we’re told not to talk about it straightaway).

it seems to me that … I’m part of the Cosmos!

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