Xmas with Ninoo


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I have met Pascale through social network. notably thanks to Elsa Wolinski, who sponsors her association, Ninoo. i am fascinated by her courage,  her generosity. by her creative anger too. she is fighting for her autistic son, Elliot, but also for all the other kids of her association, but also for their parents for whom she absolutely wanted to find presents. after watching the video, she told me : “but… they look so “normal”. i makes me cry”

maybe because they are… happy?! this chance Pierre Sang Boyer is beautifully talking about, to be born in such loving families, so courageous too… so so much strength to create such an event, to gather everybody… “normally”. with JOY!

i bow to you Pascale!

and i feel grateful to share this experience with you all. shall we go. TOGETHER!

happy Christmas to everyone.

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