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Growing as An Adult

there is no secret, my life has totally changed since my encounter with Jerry. I love him for so many reasons (and for “un-resoned” things too) and one of them is that this man help people, among which myself, to be free. we sometimes believe that love makes you attached, and yes there may be forms of love that build chains around you, but this does not. this love frees me. Jerry is a man who teaches me to say “fuck”, sometimes furiously, but most of the time in a gentle, relaxed and even joyful way, because I become confident from within, confident about my choices, my directions, and even my potential mistakes. I get free not by abiding by his rules to the letter, but because I am less and less scared to question anything in my life, to walk and create my own path. this is a gift i can never be too grateful for. so i though it would be a good idea to film his ideas. we have recorded 3-4 videos and may create a podcast together…. who knows?! what do you think?

Regarding this specific video, the first time i filmed Jerry, i was blown up by this idea of his “why do we always need parental figures?!” (a president, a dictator, un boss, a shrink etc…). For me, it was the very issue, to become adult, and not create all the time situations where i would replace mum and dad by someone else, and become a grown-up who could parent herself. this idea is not very praised in our society : we’d better remain children, forever young, adults are boring, beige and mostly have wrinkles! Though, I must say, since I have been in this dynamic, I have never bloomed so much (yes my name means flower)(bamboo flower), never laughed so much, never created so much, never parented so well, never love so much… So yes asking myself “what would I do if I behaved like an adult” enables me to overcome fears and patterns i can indulge in… quite easily.

let’s grow up!

ps : i need people to help only-french speaking readers to get subtiles, half of the translations are already made (thank you Anouck) but if you want to help, please let me know, and we’ll tell what to do! thank you so much!

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