Namaste Witches!

the Magic, the body and the Desire

As you know I’m very fond of the non “mechanical” part of the world since last summer. I know these things are just unfolding form my trip to Nepal, but this is so obvious i can only note it : things that at spirit horse, with jake, erika, truc anh, harry potter, the constellations, the shadow we can explain with another belief systems…. I’m probably in a big MAGICAL cycle.

1- Björk

To me she THE witch! she is our Baba Yaga, strange, terrifying, poetic, in touch with nature, with the big mystery! she is our gate to another world, WITHIN US. her video pagan poetry, about woman’s desire has been censored by MTV. haaaa woman’s desire… so offensive isn’t it?!

after all this exploration during the writing of this post, i look again her amazing video UTOPIA, She is dressed in white with this giant vagina-flower on her chest, the pink-red organic landscape seams breathing, and all these women with her rising progressively in the sound of the flute… it makes me cry!

we have so so much to explore!


2- Witch Soul – Odile Chabrillac

by giving me this book, my friend Anne, knew pretty well what she was doing. the fact that this book was offered to me is very important because Witch Soul is a book of transmission. between sisters ;p

the book is in French only, but its huge success here makes me think it will arrive someday in English! so what is a witch? may I say that I had the strange feeling to read “me”. not in the writing but in the described figure of the witch:

a woman actress of her transformation, close to nature, free, engaged, non-rational … and much more.

At a party a friend told me “no don’t waste your time, I’m super Cartesian. – Well, haven’t you ever fallen in love ?! He didn’t know what to say.

tell me that magic doesn’t exist and I will show you this!

the book talks also about, the story of witches, the “sexocide” of these women too free to let them do. sorcery is feminine… for sure! I didn’t understand really why it didn’t talk about male, but it’s clear that freedom, physical, sexual, psychological of the witches represent a danger for the patriarchal society.

what passionates me also with this book, and the following, and discussions I have with my friends (male and female) since #metoo; is to realize, that women’s fight is not only against patriarcat (which indeed remains essential), it is also for the celebration a strength, a desire that are “feminine”.  whatever this may be, and without essentilizing me as a woman, it is so empowering for to explore that part of “me”, not only in reaction against what patriarch may have decided so far, but within “me”. the vidéo “les Passantes” by Charlotte Abramow that we shared last week is quite representative of that : she creates as a human being, as a citizen, as an artist, but also as a women. this is so obvious a man could not have fone that. and this is so BEAUTIFUL!  i hear a french radio show by french author Raphael Liogier about his book l’Esprit du Mâle (the spirit of male, ie in french, male is pronounced as “mal” which means evil).the author try to explain the #metoo movement to men and how the relashionship men-women has been shaped by neolithic times where women where reduced to the bodies, as a trophy. women’s desire has always been shut down. #metoo is an inclusive movement, about acknowledging that women’s body are their own, and that their desire has to be celebrated.


3- The Optimized Woman – Miranda Gray

This one is in English: the optimized woman by Miranda Gray. I must admit, reading it in French was… A BORE, but some notions have been amazingly enlightening  and I invite you to explore your life as women, through magical-but-fact-based elements : your body, its cycles and emotions. I have already heard stories about women who adapt their lives and projects according to their cycle. and was like…. pffff (i am so arrogant! hahahah). and then we have decided with 2 friends, 2 sisters to read it together. as they say, everything is in this diagram :

So i began to handle a daily mood book, to see how could correlate or not with what the author was saying and well… this is mind-blowing! how true it is! for me but also for so many friends-sisters who without having read the book already noticed, these changes along the 4 described period of the cycle : “yes indeed! don’t ever ever begin any project before your period! wait after, when you are so full of energy!” what is mind-blowing too is that I have waited for 40 years to know about all that! FUCK!

so of course, in a men’s world, where you’d better be dynamic and making projects all the time, women have been trained to only value their dynamic cycle; of course, they can’t value the fact that can be emotional. and at the same time, the author agues, and that is what have passionated me most (as a whitch ;p) :

the creative phase, before your period, where you are emotional, irritable, even aggressive , is also the one where you get close to your unconscious part, your shadow (I then understand, to your MAGIC). this is proven by neuroscience. she goes further :  so many men would actually love to be able to get there so “easily”. it takes such a long time for them to get in touch with this part of themselves. it is also a phase when your fulgurances arise, intuition goes super keen etc…

i look at my notebook, and pfff… everything is true!

so, we will talk about the shadow next week because i have just finished the most beautiful book about it! but right now, the very idea that women, have a specific biology that partially programs or influences their psychology, their beings, is a huge finding for me. I have been told for such a long time it was a discriminating pledge! and now, without essentializing me to “that”, i just feel part of me is true magic!



namaste witches!

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