Ignorance and Beauty

teachings from Spirit Horse, Nepal and Into the Wild festival

hey ya!!!!

i feel profoundly happy to be back here, after a long summer break and so so many emotions. Jerry was harassing me : “we never see you on your own blog; come and sit down. now!” so just after our french kids are back to school (and soon in England), i guess talking about ignorance is quite perfect! and i have discovered so many things since… wahou! i have not defined how yet but i feel like sharing my latest findings on so many topics! relationships, connexion, love, intimacy, sexe, honesty, feminine and masculine energies… the list is getting longer and longer!!!

i shared that yesterday on my IG story, i have just found out a lot of you here are young, sometimes very young (like 14yo)! also young boys and men. these videos, these words are considered, shared among your friends, families, you debate, question yourself, listen to others. this is so touching, and beautiful. elders, like myself, I also love you indeed, that is not the question, but i feel touched by the passage, this bridge between generations. let us quest together, at different stages but TOGETHER!

amour to you all! <3

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