Angelo Foley

Vulnerable and Authentic

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I met Angelo 7 years ago, on this very post! 7 years!!!

Then last year, just after me-too came out, we had one of these long public chats on facebook regarding  masculine-feminine, dark side etc. Then we had lunch and shared our new lives, our journeys. He has been growing both as a very famous French record director (working for instance with Christine and the Queens) and a coach-therapist.

In France, Angelo has also launched a successful instagram account and podcast, called  Balance ta Peur, that invite you (in French but I think the concept should be duplicated in English) to share your fears. People do it anonymously and acknowledge it does them good to let go and recognize they are not alone! we are all broken aren’t we?!

I still have not found the secret of the relationship i have with him and so many others : my partner is both a therapist and a musician and writer, my former body therapist is also a color designer in theater lightning, Angelo is both a composer and coach, and I here share my very intimate journey as an human being and artist.

what is there about this  same oscillation between healing and creating…?!

the word “magic” pops up, again, but it is still not clear to me what it is exactly.

any idea?!

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