Angelo Foley, Part II


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Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your comments and beautiful support regarding my movie, Les Rivières (Rivers). We are going to knit something truly incredible altogether. I am coming back to you very soon on that topic!

Ayahuasca, rituals, therapy, bacs flowers, body work, the latest year has been really full on for me and the more I grow, the faster I grow also. And so naturally, following my lastest publications wether it was videos or texts, you have commented more and more : “this is going fast!” “i took time to really focus” “I have listened to the video 4 times already!” “what a journey!”.

Discomfort, having to listen or read again and again, on anything that is related to growth, is useful, and even truly essential. it proves something is dissolving in you, something is getting in motion in you, that every word resonates differently once you have passed a new step. this is true magic!

and I love it so much that you are making these remarks. that you are changing your way to naturally when coming here.

this being said, I thought it would be good to come back on the Angelo’s video, and talk about projections. He expiants them so well! and it has helped me tremendously to understand I was the source of my own life. what i feel in contact with the outer world is only a mirror of who i am inside.

hence, when in conflict with someone, it is so useful and sometimes pain full too, to let my thoughts express out loud (without the other person)(since the one I need to listen to is myself) and to replace “you” by “I” : “f** you, you don’t pay enough attention to me!” ah yes?! would not it be “f** me, I don’t pay enough attention to myself?” I then acknowledge my responsibility in a situation i consciously don’t want, but that i may unconsciously provoke.  And as Angelo explains it so well, i provoke it because I need to understand for myself :”when the f** am i taking responsibility in caring for myself?!”

F***, that makes a lot of f***!

and when I acknowledge i am the source of the problem, I can also acknowledge I am the source of the solution too” how powerful it is! how powerful we become!

this exercise is a very difficult one, mostly if like me you have a big ego, but it is magic, true magic. And I see my life transforming under my eyes. and i feel wiped out.

wiped out, but freed. or at least freer.

love to you all


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  • Bonjour Mai,
    Voici pour moi la première vidéo que je regarde depuis octobre (mon monde s’est agrandit avec l’arrivée de mon bébé, j’ai ressenti le besoin de décrocher du web) et c’est dingue comme pile poil au bon moment on peut tomber sur les bons mots.
    J’en suis à mon second visionnaire et je chemine doucement. Je ressens en ce moment beaucoup de rubans dans mon dos (Magnifique cette bague <3 ) les projections sont nombreuses depuis la naissance de mon fils et je pensais qu’il s’agissait de celles des autres en nous voyant, nous, dans cette nouvelle aventure. Alors du coup je continue à creuser, à la recherche de douceur et de bienveillance, de sens, d’amour. J’en arrive souvent à la « conclusion » que la vie est une succession de construction/deconstruction faite de pierres que nous posons et déposons à notre manière à chaque étape… c’est encor flou mais ça avance.
    Encore une fois merci.
    J’en profite pour te souhaiter le meilleur à toi, Jerry et tes enfants (magiques et pleins de vie… qu’ils sont beaux à regarder, ils font parties des enfants inspirants pour moi, ceux qui donnent envie d’en avoir !)pour cette nouvelle année.
    À bientôt !

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