Peaceful Warrior

my Vision Quest (5/5)

Il y a 6 years

12 between the farmhouse, the hill top and the farmhouse again, i was awaken each of my 11 mornings by the sound of birds singing to welcome the sun rising. we had storms, we had mist, we had thunder, we had beautiful sunny days, but it is only the last day that the whole…


my Vision Quest (4/5)

Il y a 6 years

Explore, confront, welcome boredom... here is today the 4th teaching of my Quest :   Surrender we were talking about "daring vulnerability" and well, wether it was in the full (within our united magic family) or in the vacuum (of my loneliness), i have never…

Welcome Boredom

my Vision Quest (3/5)

Il y a 6 years

Jerry had gathered letters from my friends, that i could read everyday on the hill. thoughts, reflections to lead, statements, love. and my friend Nicolas Cloutier prepared for me one sample of fragrance to discover everyday. there was one from Filippo Sorcinelli, Ennui Noir…


my Vision Quest (2/5)

Il y a 6 years

Thank you for your comments and the interest you are showing for this quest of mine. We keep on walking today because exploration is not enough. you had to confront yourself. my second learning is hence :   Confront rather than escape it is the heart of the quest.…


my Vision Quest (1/5)

Il y a 6 years

my dear all, words are missing to tell you the crazyness, the intensité and the grâce of thèse weeks in Nepal... and... I'm not sure I want to find them. but even though, even though i won't tell you what happened, i would dearly like to share what i have learnED on the…

Vision Quest

a Nepalese retreat

Il y a 6 years

there is a lot of noise. I am in transition. I go on a hill. in front of the Himalaya. I am going to find myself. for 10 days. including 4 alone. with an empty stomach. 4 days and 4 nights in the wild. alone on a hill. so. alone. with the whole universe. I thinks this comes…