Lynn Dell

The stunning lady

Such luck to be able to met this Lynn Dell character.  Even more so with her hair down! Hahaha

At her home with her husband, her tapestry walls, her hundreds of mirrors… in the great theater that is her life.  Another thanks to Ari for introducing them to me.  Sometimes I read comments at his place saying “I would love so much to be as cool at their age”, but I say that if we could start today, it would be even better!

You know, to produce superbytimai allows me to meet such different people, sometimes so rich in experience.  I come to reconsider my way of doing things.  Wouldn’t it be narrow?!  Surely when someone tells you “I don’t want to be pretty, I want to be sublime!”, especially at more than 80 years old!  It’s liberating.  That boosts me up so much.  What do you think?

Yes, dare to be marvelous, not just cute, dare to make mistakes, dare to be different.  Dare to take a spot.  To be ourselves.  Sin-gu-lar.  SHALL WE BEAUTIES?!!!

Thank you Lynn, you rock!  Myriad of kisses from my sunny Paris and state of mind!


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