Workshop “twenties”

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vidéo réalisée le 7 décembre

About a year ago, the earth opened up under our feet.  We got hit in Paris then in the suburbs, because of a drawing, because we were a cop or a Jew.  This absolutely unbearable thing took on a second face this last November 13th.  This time each of us was used as a target.


Like we shared here on this blog:  What to do?  What to do about it?  How to respond? To continue like nothing happened as our answer?  To reinstate our liberty?  No, this didn’t seem “right.”  This wasn’t “my” answer.  But what to do?  I would have liked to be given a direction, a plan to execute, an agenda to follow, but nothing happened.  Nothing until this famous day

when I understood that nothing would come “from the others.”  I am not a political person, I am not a militant, I am not well within community group, I… I am… like that.


The answer, is only up to me to phrase it.




The idea of collaborating with Melissa dated back before November 13th.  But evidently the day of the workshop, December 7th, it was necessary to just… be there.






And what went down, is that we were all “there”, present, listening to the moment, confident.  We didn’t evoke the past events, just our “twenties”, and of course, the possibility to reconnect with ourselves, with the help of this caring assembly felt like a miracle.  It was twenty of us, we didn’t know each other, except a couple, but we exchanged thoughts for about 2 hours, we talked stories, we held each other in our arms, obviously we wept too.  It was was absolutely magical and I know now that I can contribute to it, while being myself, while drawing from the best of my ability.  Bah…So let’s continue, no?


I want to thank Melissa Unger from the bottom of my heart for her faith in me, to the members who were so open and so generous.  I invite you as well, again, to go and live this incredibly “re-connecting” and poetic experience with Seymour+ who is celebrating its one-year anniversary tomorrow.  Happy Birthday Seymour!


All my thoughts go to Elsa Wolinski who would have loved to be there that night and who I think about particularly today.


Love and kisses to each of you.

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