The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment

Let's Vibrate!

here is a book that reached me in a bizarre kind of way. like an angel. my friend Melissa had her farewell party before moving back to Nyc. she introduced me to Sylvain, a film director, who felt in love with Thaddeus Golas’s teachings, in the 70s and who became his posthumous publisher. So, he published books written during the lifetime of the author but never published before. We spent hours talking about him and suddenly he said, “Would you like to read his first book? Here they are, one in English and the other in French.”

this short collection of 80 pages sounded like it was made for me. I learnt 3 things.

1- the idea of ​​elevation

I never really understood the principle, which is not exactly explicit, but the way it was used in the book made it quite clear for me. every step allows you to evolve in the sense that you release yourself from sorrows, schematic functions, anger etc. your energy, your vibration, your karmic vibration will increase quite automatically as you light up., and chose love.


why do we have to be lazy to achieve this? because we must do or desire nothing, the elevation must happen naturally. (at the same time, it’s true it takes a lot to be able to do that)


part of me didn’t like the idea that, as a result we could be more or less high, until this second idea that I had badly needed came up.


2. we are all equal


it seems a tautology but in fact not at all. how many cashiers, drivers, sweepers, with whom we interact without saying hello, without honoring their presence, the services rendered? how many hours of discussions about this or that person who is this or that. who, without us even knowing would be less than ourselves. Let’s not forget I’m a compulsive rescuer so I know by heart those discussions where we talk about an absent person who understood nothing about life. our radical judgments about those xxx pinheads (I let you fill the blanks). about those parents who haven’t understood a thing about the education of their children. etc.

so, I had heard about the flawless word of Toltec and indeed to stop maligning or even commenting actions of someone who is absent of the assembly, especially if I didn’t tell him, her directly, freed me from a lot of unconscious nastiness. but sometimes I thought plenty, though. Here Thaddeus Golas says that anyone is on his, her own way, with actually more or less high vibrations but… does his, her best. To understand this just made me completely calm down.


so this brings me in front of a new door of my dark side (after Anger), one that the election of Trump had opened, or rather awakened, that the Drama Triangle asked me to self-investigate, that the family constellation had also increased: my arrogance. When I feel that I want comment what the others are doing, I just think that I should better work on myself. and just listen what I “think” to have the key to my own projections, what I say about others talks only about me. when I would be Buddha, when I would be love itself, then maybe I’ll entitled to do it, but in fact when I would be Buddha, I won’t need to comment, why should I? when you’re love itself.


everyone is doing their best. we are all at different levels, but we’re all equal.


3- love is the only safe place

sometimes when we are hurt we are tempted to retreat. and sometimes it’s helpful. but it’s true that the more I‘m making progress the more … I love in the sense of tensions are fading away. I’m more focused on understanding than condemning, I’m curious of the beliefs of others, even in a controversial issue whereas I was a total debate phobic (NAH BUT ONLY IMAGINE IF I WAS WRONG? !!!). so I think I feel this love statement as a security state (because there is no problem with the fact of being vulnerable).

it takes me back to this wonderful film THE WORK, which I have already watched 3 times, that I have already shared with 60 people (so far only 3 did not get it)(the whole rest has been blown away)(weeping), that you should absolutely hacked (unless you live in US or England). the more these prisoners move forward on the road, the more they make progress and the more their love is secure. it’s overwhelming. (please, watch it and then we would debate about it!)

this book is simple but so thoughtful. really. even to read it again to prepare this post made me understand new things. wisdom is such a beautiful gift! There are still a few things that I don’t understand (as the function precedes the essence … what? !!) but it’s a beginning which satisfies me more that I cannot say. gratitude ? .

EDIT here is a link to buy the book directly to the editor! <3

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