Jerry Hyde

A Rock n' Roll Therapist

I met Jerry almost 1 year ago, and these images were filmed… 9 ago!

I first saw Jerry on a Flyer. Truc Anh, my brother had sent me a mail : “Go attend this talk, it is at Seymour +. Meet new people, widen your horizons, on interests that… interest you! the worst that could happen is that you lose 1 hour!”

The very idea to lose 1 hour of my time just depressed me. Go and meet people I don’t know just depressed me (at that time, I did not know  Mélissa yet). But actually, i knew my brother was right . And I see the name of the book, written by this man : Play From Your Fucking Heart, and though : “hum… not bad”

Let’s go!

When arriving at the talk, I discover Jerry sat on a sofa, interviewed by Melissa. A kind of beautiful man, with tattooes all over, very “manny”, something like that, who is talking about his life as… a psycho therapist. Oh well, that’s not the kind of therapist I’ve had!  The evening and the talk are super interesting, and echoe with plenty of personal concerns. At the end, I go to salute him and merely thanked him, and went back home. It is so just not the good occasion to introduce yourself to someone who’s just spent the last hour talking about his book.

And then, back home, I though “hum… I MUST have him… for the blog!” I was so impressed by this character but well, let’s just try to send a message. The worst would be that he do not answer.

Guess what, he did! From the Eurostar back to London. So we try to skype, one, two times but it never works. So I tell him “you know what, I don’t really like to prepare my interviews, I prefer to meet people and film them like that, and improvise. And I am sure life will give us other opportunities to meet, between Paris, London and wherever. And I will film you then.”

2 weeks later, I am offered a contract for The Body Shop. In 12 years as a Free Lancer, it is my first long-run mission abroad. And it is in London! Not in Milan, not in NYC, not in Madrid. in Lon-don!

I arrive at Jerry’s place and say to myself “… …. …” Yes, i just have no words (expect shitty things such as “wahou, what a beautiful decoration”) It is a sort of Ali Baba’s cavern… in Woodstock, plenty of wall coverings, incense, electric guitares, feathers, skulls, old pictures, panther skins… We begin the shooting and my microphone does not work (that is why the sound is a little bit shitty)(sorry)(i discovered after the itw, that it was just… on “mute”)(damn). And I feel sooooo nervous. and I behave as if I am not. And here is the result.

Just to tell you that before Jerry became my lover, we had a very long adventure. Very slow, filled with admiration, discussions, friendship. Everything went very slowly, and surely. Little by little I discovered his personality. And I probably don’t have to objectify him anymore. Probably we “followed our bliss” individually, and then together. And it is like a dream. in better : it is real.

Indeed, this editing was so so hard to do and I hope you like it and that it tells you stories. stories about you.

So to end this quite special first OUT OF THE BOX portrait, I am going to list what I’ve learnt from Jerry’s messages. And to make it work for you, please do the same, for yourself. Please do it.


So, here is what’s for me :

1- be your own authority

I stop searching for other’s validation/fault, from my boss (well ok, I have none), my followers, my man (!), any substitue for daddy or mummy. I work on me, search for my own truth, my own values, like… an adult. I also love this idea of companionship. No one is superior.


2- follow your bliss

We’ve just talked abut it. Confidence, being centered, enables me to know what is the best way for myself. at the present moment. I don’t stick to one specific desire, but my confidence gives me a natural guidance to my own bliss. I did have admiration for Jerry as soon as we met, but I was not there to seduce him, and that is why thousands of things could have been shared between us, before the relationship evolved.


3- stop objectifying other people

I stop talking to a cashier, a taxi driver, a burkini-holder, my child, and relate like a person does with another person. Because this other person is just like me, she/he has dreams, a past, kids, parents etc… she/he is a human being!


I really hope you’ve liked this video. Tell me because I can’t wait to know how you feel about it. Thank you so much Jerry Hyde! and thank you so much, my dear dear companions.

Love to you all

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  • This is So interesting. Jerry and I were together for seven years, but he was not ready.
    I’m glad to know that he has finally been reached and he learned how to reach out and to be received. You are my kind of woman.
    Well done.
    I am happy for you both x

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