Spirit Horse (2/3)

according to Tâm and Léo

picture Jerry Hyde

thank you, THANK YOU so much for all our exchanges here. I feel so happy while reading you, and to know how curious and passionate you are. It’s so beautiful and exciting!

So, following my post about  Spirit Horse, i’ve received plenty of questions regarding my kids’ reactions.

Well, here they are :


Tâm :

“I loved Spirit Horse. We were allowed to do whatever we wanted : have a knife, play in the river, paint our faces, make fire (I’ve learned how to make fire). There was a man who was throwing his axe onto wood and we could do it with with (mum and i still can’t believe it). People are very kind. There is no anger (except for mum sometimes… hahaha). Everybody help each other : brothers and sisters, kids and elder people. everybody. At the beginning i was just surprised, but then I realized, it would be the same everyday… I was so chocked! It was like a paradise. I could not speak good English but it was not a problem. We could play with other kids and adults too. I was afraid to walk barefoot, because you never know what can be in the long grass. And for the mud, I tried the 2nd day but i felt the sensation under my feet making “slopsh”, it is slack… erk. Next year, I hope I can speak English well, so that I can do the girl camp. We will leave for 4 days in the mountain, with only girls and 2 adults. And nobody knows what happen there.”


Léo :

“I did not like everything ha. I don’t like mud. Still, I made a fire stick turn upon my head. And could through it in the air. It was quite cool. Another kid hit himself on his genitals with the stick. but it did not ignite. It takes a little bit of time before it actually burns. Tâm fell in the river but I could help her, I think we quite managed it well together. I climbed a very high tree on my own. 5 meter-high. without security, nothing. And in the river, I’ve found a crystal, a Mars stone, all yellow-orange. At the beginning I thought it was a rotten fruit, so I’ve asked my mum to take it. But actually it was a crystal. Everybody told me it was the first time they see something like that in the valley. It is very rare. and after, i’ve found it a second time in the village. On the bridge. It’s weird because I was convinced I’ve left it in the tent. I am very lucky.”




HAHAHAHA I’M FOND OF IT (yeah I’am their mum).

In a future post, I will (eventually) tell you how the camp works and  thousands (at least) of thoughts that have arisen since we came back in modern life. In the meantime, we are looking forward to reading your comments!


thousands of kisses

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