Susanne Kaufmann

an Inventor

ahhhh! Je feel grateful that my friend Nicolas, founder of Nose, trusts me to make this journey through the world of niche cosmetics. After Charthusia , and Filippo Sorcinelli, we quite already have our routine : i welcome what emerges, he imagines what he wants! this time we have been to Austria to meet Susanne.

i did not think i would keep shouting “aahhhh” “oooohhhh” while visiting these mesmerizing Alpes pasture, filled you cows, unknown white flowers and bells. i loved also the life she has been crafting with her husband and 2 children. on one hand they live the ancestral village life, with only 2000 inhabitants and at the same time, they inspire each other in such creative way : have you ever heard of a cheese maker who would suddenly think : oh i could do cosmetics with all this whey left! i also met her friend who is a quite dramatic Butcher : young, tall, incredible look, passionate about “his” cows. and indeed, her husband, who actually was not meant to play for us but who did (thank you nicolas!!!) whose drums were so spectacular!

it was so inspiring to relax into this beautiful hyper contemporary hotel in the middle of preserved meadows and forests. wahou! i did not think i could experience such contrasts! eventually Susanne is such a graceful entrepreneur, who does not compromise on the brand she is inventing, but aslo on the very complete lifestyle she is dedicated to! “i’d like to invent something!”… well, you have!



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