Nose to Nose #2

i am happy to share this 2nd video in Collaboration with Nose. No need to say delighted to discover this beautiful island, together with this colorful brand. Virginia showed us everything (she fed us too)(so well and so much, we would wake up without being hungry)(i must add, it was following the days spent with Filippo!), she told everything about the Carthusia of her childhood, about her family story and its fragranced project.

i was moved to hear Silvio, in his beautiful English, saying, “the project was more from my heart, not from my pocket. i wanted to do something for my island.” I am a daughter of immigrants, and I don’t know this kind of attachement to ones’ land. it really touched me!

I hope this serie make you trip! do not hesitate to share it, and go to Nose to discover all these amazing fragrances (for those who don’t live in Paris, they have a very efficient system to send you samples). Tonight we are taking off to… Austria, hehehe!


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