Filippo Sorcinelli

la Vie d'Artiste

How I love Filippo! during our shooting last year, Filippo told me so many things about his life style, his sense of being, creating. the video for Nose was not the right format to share all these views and abundant teachings.

Filippo is a philosophe in action. His dedication is whole and uncompromising, everything is linked in his life, everything takes shape and a singular vibration. from the notion of curiosity to aloneness to beauty. I am not catholic at all but we had beautiful conversations about this religion (he does not practice either), with our chocolate ice cream (ow lord, the ice cream from Mondolfo are gorgeous!), or a sublime traditional Italian meal in different colorful villages we have visited.

what I have learned is that life is not about coherence, it is about living each moment to the fullest, engaging and oscillating between different inner polarities : black/colors, addition/abstraction, solitude/abundance, masculin/feminin, magma/light…

an unforgettable moment.

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