Filippo Sorcinelli

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My friend Nicolas Cloutier from Nose, calls me the other day : “I would like to introduce you to someone”.

What an encounter! Filippo, the charismatic creator of UNUM,  reminded me both of Le Greco and Jesus Christ himslef; I would have been so intimidated in any other context. And i would have missed such precious learnings!

First and foremost, his fragrances (that to be listened to as he says) : they are, as one can imagine, lyrical, sensuous and so dark they smell… luminous. The mix he does between Lavs and Symphonie Passion, creates a fabulous wake. And when Filippo has brought out the mitre he had sewed for Benoit XVI (!!!!), I could not stop whispering. All that felt so unreal!

After my reading about the Dark Side from Jerry Hyde, I understood here how exploring the darness could create light. Colors. Life. And it was so crazy when the light appeared on his face through the stained-windows exactly when he was evoking that point, wasn’t it?!!!! I understood how it was even impossible to create without exploring this very space of our soul. A new dimension of beauty and freedom.

Grazie Filippo!

Filippo Sorcinelli – Francophilie

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