Sam Roddick

Humanistic Sex Philosopher

SAAAMMMMM yeeeahhhhhhaaaaaahhh!

Jerry has been talking about Sam for so long!!! and this discussion has put words on so many intuitions i could not make sense with! I now feel profoundly transformed and moved.

1. talking about sex, can be a way of making (some) love.

If you remember Sasha, my Tantra teacher, she said something like “existence is a love making process“. There is a lot of stuff at the moment about sexuality, especially feminine, but I think we forget the benevolence that is necessary to have “good” sex. consent is fucking sexy!

When I see these 2 friends talking, so freely, with so much listening for each other, humanly, but also as a man and a woman … even …

as a penis and a vagina, cause’… they are people too !!!

I find it just wonderful.

Frustration, suffering, fear … we are so many to be or to have been totally lost on the question of sex. and I find it necessary to hear and see a “positive” possibility around sex.

2. Educational corollary

I read a book on education (for little boys but the advice applies to everyone): from the age of 10, parents must talk about sex to their children! words such as masturbation, orgasm, making love, but also incest, rape, should be part of everyday conversations at home. put words on an experience, without going into private details of course, but to signify that it is not a taboo (1st sign of a latent repression), to talk about their sovereignty in their relationship to their body (as Jerry told us). but above all to share, welcome, “raise” children, with humor, the respect and the maturity necessary for them to flourish in their sexual life.

better understanding and practicing sex is a necessity from puberty (well ok, except if you want to dedicate your life to meditation), and if you do not take care of the sex education of your children, they will look for it in pornography or probably equally uneducated friends. indeed.

so shall we stop breaking the long sticks that your son puts between the legs, shall we stop saying that pussies are disgusting? shall we welcome, celebrate, and laugh together!

3. because yes sex is a wider emanation of « being »

As Sam says, the question is not how to suck “a” cock but to know who you suck … ohlalala, to write it, it makes me funny, but go let’s go!

thus it is the whole being who engages in a sexual relationship. So even if it’s with a sex buddy, do it with love, respect, kindness, understanding, and you can go much further. much wilder.

everything is a question of connection. with oneself and with the other.

4. the question of universality and singularity

I found in Sam, a very clear path, and that reassured me regarding these possible tensions when questing as a “human” and a “woman” (or a man), inclusion versus separation.

identities are so complex. the goal is certainly to create an existence that connects us to a human experience, and that we all have unique paths to achieve it. so,

all my questions “as a woman” never aim to separate me from “men”, “2-spirit” or other women who have different paths etc, but to join them, who walk the same way in their singularity.

each path is different but the intention, certainly can be universal.

I hope this new OUT OF BOX helps you to walk. share it with those you love, discuss and leave me a com !!!

a thousand kisses

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