The Healing Body

as preliminaries

After the post about Sasha, (thank you again for all your reactions), but before the tale about my internship with her, I wanted to write you about the body.  Our body, keeper of our wounds (today’s post), but also recipient of our pleasure (Friday’s post.)

We mentioned a few time my psycho corporal therapy without really doing a post dedicated it.  So here it is.

I started to see a therapist after a very painful break-up.  I had been wanting to try for a long time, following a friend’s recommendation, and then I was… perfectly ripened!

The idea is that our emotions that aren’t expressed are lodging themselves within our body (you are breaking my back!  I am sick to my stomach!  Or my bleeding heart… etc.)  Those emotions can exist, while being very old.  They lodge themselves and continue to be active until you get them out.  For example, you were dead scared of your dad and/or mum, well, this fear is not just a bad memory written in the corner of the brain, it also gets recorded in your body.  So later as an adult, if you have not gotten rid of all of it, this fear is activating itself constantly and sometimes for very little things (I don’t know, like if you hurt yourself jumping in the water) and your body doesn’t respond reasonably anymore, It’s a real hassle, because the older it gets the more difficult it is to unlock them (logical).

The body strength however is that it doesn’t lie.  The mind however… can deceive you.  My friend convinced me with a simple example:  he was supposed to visit someone.

“So, how do you feel?  Are you all right?” asked the therapist.

“Yes, yes I’m fine”

“Oh yeah?  Are you sure?  Well, look at yourself” the therapist tells him.

And there my friend looks at himself and discovers his entire body, his hands, even his glance all knotted, a real box of knots!  See what I mean?

Consequently the sessions happens like that:

You arrive and take off your clothes, you are physically and symbolically butt naked basically.

Then you sit feet up on a medical bed (lifted), your feet straight out in the front of the therapist eyes.  I don’t know what he sees.  It’s like that and you talked about the why you are here today for about 10 minutes.

You lay down and start breathing deeply, very deeply.  So in my case and giving that I was in such a mess, I was already crying as soon as I laid down… HAHAHAHA “well it’s all out already so it’s going to be easy, we won’t even have to really dig too deep.” HAHAHAHA (yes, we can laugh about it now.)

So actually, the pairing of this deep breathing and the sum of the stimuli sent by the therapist (the way of his speech, the fact that he presses here or there, scratches, strokes, etc.) influence your body to relax at the exact spot where the memory was locked-in.  It can happen in the legs, the back, the ribs of course (I often had feelings/ sense of pressure at this spot), cranium, etc.….

And within this relaxation, there a whole bunch of energy that will circulate.  So “ what is this energy” they are asking me in my ear piece?!

Well I don’t know!  However I can visualize very well how it can manifest themselves.

It requires, a little bit like with meditation, a curious mind and to be present within the now.  Sometimes it’s the feeling of heat, cold, shivers, tingling, it can become very intense, sometimes contraction (it often happens that you cannot open your mouth or your hands), sometimes you scream, you cry, you hit.


The goal is exactly to welcome whatever reaction happens.  You are within yourself so it doesn’t really matter what you look like.

Hello let go!

It last about 30 minutes and after he “shuts” it all down and lets you recuperate for 15 minutes.  And then… it’s all gentleness.

Your body is silent and I could feel it, at the end of each session, I could feel it “clean” as if session after session I was washing this body.

I needed to talk about this before telling you about the tantric weekend!  I hope this inspires you and I await your reactions.  I won’t share the contact of my therapist because I find it to be too intimate but maybe some of you will have contacts. I also want to share that around me a lot of people love it… but not everyone.  You must then take this like a personal message.

Thousands of kisses.


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