A man, a real one

Yes, I talk about Prince, again


While reading my latest post about Prince, I’ve realized I had much more to say. I mean, he inspires me much more than what I wrote. I began to write about this very subject here and there on this blog : I am so interested into Gender issue. And here, we have quite a specimen of what I would describe as a man, a true man.

I guess Prince has always been a “complete” man forever. And the question is not only his (Bi) sexuality, even if there is so much to say about it (MJ, to quote him once again, never wanted to become a man, and because of/as a consequence he was sexually blocked).

To make it short, being a man is not about “showing”, “proving” your masculinity. I think there is a state of “being”, that is absolutely incredible with Prince. A man, a true one, writes and creates his own relationship to… masculinity.

You need fucking big “balls” to show yourself as he does. Elise, one of my readers, sent me a text about Prince, from the journalist Eric Delhaye that I find sublime :

Magnifique texte d’Eric Delhaye @telerama ? #prince #lachiale poke @mai_hua @lilibarberycoulon

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“It’s rare that music stirs. Love that stirs is even rarer. The one that some millions of humans have felt while listening to 1999, Purple Rain or Around the World in a Day, belongs to the second category. For teenagers of the 80’s who have hung posters of Michael Jackson in their bedrooms, and could be titillated by Madonna’s provocations, Prince marks the passage to adulthood. For the trouble he would maintain the unheard of sophistication of his music.”

Yes Prince has never been a hesitating or provocative teenager. it seems he has always been a man. he kept creating, sometimes got it wrong. but showed little hesitation on his masculinity. and the fact that he could show who he was, relating to the present moment he was doing it, overwhelms me completely. We are far from any “signature”, any personal branding, persona.

He is. He was.

And this very essence, this authenticity, enabled him to go for an amazing brushing, an afro, a smoothing hair… because this is not an issue. Prince does not use any code to make people understand him better. He is who he wants to be. He does what he is.

His image is just another playground. What is true and profound is to create (when you are a creator), desire (when you are a pleasure seeker), evolve (when you are a… human?!!!)

When attitudes transform into shapes….

What strikes me is how, from a well grown up essence, one can express in a very simple way, very complex things, from very strong and opposite polarities : Prince is both masculin and feminine, showing off and profound, rock and soul, funky and wounded… and when I see all his videos they will always sound and look flawless

That is truth. True one. and that churns my stomach.

That is what I had to say about a man. a true man. yep… still, having said that, and to conclude with I would say, for a woman, I mean a true woman, i would say… exactly the same.

So, I may have grown in terms of personal development, on how to describe a “human”, a true one, but not as far as gender is involved.

Catch you later then! Thousands of kisses

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