The blog is 5. et indeed, I cry, and I cry.

Like every year. But this, even more. I would like to tell you the world is not awful, dark and violent. A part is, but this has been for ages. it is just that are wakening and have to face it.  things are transforming et questions our whole system. well let us do it! l

I have chosen this song that i found and shared on facebook. There are 2 girlfriends, one is Portuguese, the other is Kenyan, they study music in Boston and are just making a promotion for their 5pm venue. the scene takes place in a staircases. Their faces are glowing and irradiating with joy. sharing. friendship. appeased and loving. It is simple, it is so simple.”and all I need is to smile, and I forget to be blue”… we all have that in ourselves.


So I would like look around you, to look at your darling, your kids, parents, friends, encounters, the people who really “make” your world. they can artists, bread makers, they could be your grand mother, your neighbour… it does not matter. look how beautyful they are, how much beauty is all around you. beauty is everywhere, so… just… look… everywhere.

and if this talks to you, if you can see the beauty around, then it means there is so much beauty… in you. and this source must never shut down.

the further I go, the more I know the ideas and sensations I try to share here are about distraction, it is not my shelter after a busy day working (far too much). No. this must be at the heart of my relashionship to the world. And I hope it can be a key for you to live yours.

And if this talks to you, then, honestly life is so, so, so beautiful.

Thank you so much for your fidelity, your comments that overwhelm me. do not hesitate to share.

I love you very much

Lisa Oduor-Noah

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