Redefining Beauty

for Seymour Magazine


My Friend  Melissa, we love so much here, asked me to write an essay on Beauty. I told you about her space called Seymour +, but the project is even larger than that. Together with Editor Lawrence Neil, she has an online magazine “Devoted to cultivating creativity and imagination. Dedicated to philosophers, pilgrims and punks.” (love it so much!!!!)

The latest issue is out now, and she asked me to redefine “beauty”…


I have chosen to meet her demand with a very personal point of view and to make a journey through my own relationship to beauty : there is no hasard : if I’ve been working on this topic for such a long time, there must be an underlying intimate questioning about my identity. and maybe about yours? To be honest, this piece was very hard to handle. I felt so so vulnerable. because I had no clue on what to say. it took me more than 1 month before I could begin to write. and it made me question and grow so much. well isn’t the promise of Seymore project “help you to See More”?!  I hope you will like it. and that it will inspire you.

thank you so much to Melissa and his Editor Lawrence Neil for their trust.

please, go read and share “Beauty is” by Mai Hua for Seymour Magazine


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