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I’m beating around the bush since a while. Finally, it’s pretty hard to write this post. Gee! which proves that is not easy to speak about sex!

So, here we go, I don’t know about you, but me I truly don’t know what Tantrism could be. Possibly, a way of living linked with sex. In my imagination, it was a Indian stuff without touching … major LOL!

Even so, I would describe myself as pretty much, very sexual. I’m not a libertine, nor either an expert, I don’t use disguise nor either sextoys (without saying that I will never use any…) we could say that I’m very normcore even if I love sex. I truly think that nothing is more beautiful than making love with the one you love, except giving birth and watching your children growing up.

So, I was surprised and in the same time very interested when I saw Sasha’s video :


Hey Really ?!

So, I arrived with this in mind for a 2 days workshop. We were almost forty, half men, half women, half couples, half singles. Most of us were heterosexual. And during these 2 days, we had to explore the power of sexual energy. With plenty of experiments, discussions, alone, by two or altogether. It’s was just … AMAZING!


1/ the body power

The most impressive was for sure the body explorations. I must precise : without touching (no, no masturbation!!!!). So you remember we spoke a lot about my body therapist and the way we could search, get out the blocked emotions by using our breath. So I was totally aware about the power of our breath (during these meetings, I cried so much, screamed, punched… which was pretty dam good!). The differences between the meetings with my body therapist and this workshop, are that :

1. you add voice and this make the all stuff even more powerful

2. were are forty and this make the all stuff even more powerful

3. we focus on this sexual energy… and this… make the stuff… yes you guess what I’m going to say… even more POWERFUL!!!!

During these « exercices », your energy goes up and down, then up again, explodes, sometimes very shortly,and sometimes it stays for such a while that you completely lose track of time. And there are all these people all around you. So, next to you some are singing, crying, screaming, having orgasm… A COMPLETE MESS!!!!
but whatever it’s just wow unforgettable.

As Sasha said : “you are focusing on how sexy looks like, but I ask you to experience what Sexe feels like”

In fact, during this weekend I learnt that if there are emotions, sorrows that our body kept, there is also its beauty, its power. The body is temple! and sex in fact gathers all this together I guess. As Sasha says, orgasm is a healing modality, but this ask you to face your blocked emotions. if not you keep them under the carpet.

2/ so what do you want ?!

There were also conversations, for example, we were supposed to find a partner, looking at him or her during 3 seconds and then told what was his or her most intimate desire (without knowing him or her before eh), all he or she could do to achieve it, and even all the things he or she could do, in the same time to fail. The question by itself was just fab I guess. and you know the answers were just amazing. The conclusion was that our body says all, you just need few seconds to read inside another one. and couples who accuse the other one for not communicate enough are just lazy : at a glance you can see all in another. That was fascinating to me.


3/ men-women, let’s talk!

It had also been this discussion men-women : Dear men, what would you like to see more often in women/ Dear women what would you like to see more often in men. I don’t know about you, but it’s the first time in my life that I had such a fascinating and caring conversation with so many people, on such a matter. and to talk about sex (and also about gender) with so many women and men without killing each other, with an incredible quality of listening, some fun, curiosity, really just this was beautiful.

women were saying to men :

« Go ahead » which means « in bed, don’t hesitate to TAKE US. When we say yes, it’s YES. » so guys Go, gO, GoooOOoO!!!

« be present » sometimes you’re in, but not really. and the quality of a relationship lies in the quality of our connection. particular in bed and of course in life in general.

« protect us » some men and the all society discriminate, attack us. Some women and the all society tell us we’re not enough pretty, always too fat, we come under permanent attacks of our image. We ned You, we need your help, your love, your actions.


men were saying to women :

« be more simple » we don’t need so much sophisticated things. More generally, it’s sometimes a bit difficult to understand you because you often change your mind or complicate things.

« don’t try to alter us » sometimes we have the impression that all what we’re doing is bad. some women try to micro-managed us all the time. and ask us to change. we are as we are.

accept our weaknesses” you ask us to be vulnerable but you hate when we’re feeling down, we’re having doubts, a depression. we need you.

And then Sasha talked about something which was very interesting. about the fact that a lot of men need to be empowered by their wife, more often than women need. She said that a lot of couples are dysfunctional because it’s very emasculating for a man to be empowered by woman who, in the same time wants him to be a real male. It’s a vicious circle.

And ten thousand other things.

Be back home it took me almost 2 weeks for recovering. certain things were got dug up. but finally it helps me to evacuate them. a healing modality what that’s she said ?! after this experience I had an intense creativity period which begun with the « Five years » video.

But I think the most important thing is the relation to my body. I want to celebrate it, I love and adore it. I don’t care anymore about « extra pounds » « a small cup size ». Now I feel connected with something more beautiful and higher.

And of course, making love with your partner is even better after this kind of experience. because if suddenly I considered my body as sacred it’s the same for my partner. love can’t be/anymore a simple quest of frictional orgasm, now it will consist with honoring and saying how much I love the other one. Without a word. But with this love energy, this truth which is, for sure, sacred.

Wow… I’ve done it! so now please send me your comments and help not feeling alone with all this !

Love and kisses

my itw of Sasha Cobra

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  • Thank you so much for all the information on Shasha’s class and your experience! I received many messages just reading it! I have been following a tantra healer for several years and still learning as the attentive student. Yes sexuality is the answer we are seeking.

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