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Alone but Connected

i am a Snake. i change my skin all the time. it is the end of the first week of the year and it would like to give shape to a new transformation, with a new about.

i hope it will talk to you:

Welcome in this space. My name is Mai Hua. I am a French woman, with Vietnamese origins, mother of 2. 40 years old. outside here, I am a color designer and a video director. But this is not more important than to read, to write, or to love. I would say I spend my life … living.

I’ve opened this blog in 2011, and very early in this adventure. the core object of the blog is to explore my freedom, to be as close as possible to my questions, in the moment. so these “about” are a reflection of this journey: the quest for beauty, the 2nd about my quest for the intimate, the 3rd about the artistic quest Itself.

and if you are reading these lines, you are looking for me, searching for, one step after another, on your own path. Osho said existence is an alone experience. it hurt me firstly it was actually such a beautiful teaching to understand. I am the source of my own life, of my anger, of my transformation, of the love i give and take. no one can do that for me.

but being alone does not mean being isolated. it is the exact opposite! I have amazing help and connections through people, books, experiences, nature, you, life itself.

and this blog is an expression of my gratitude for this life i am living. a long long love letter i am writing with you, where i give shape to my journey, and pass on teachings i have received. and at the end there May be only one to follow: if you remember Mem , the good teacher will not teach you anything “more”, he will enable you to unlearn, to make your heart so naked, he can take the gems That are already inside and show them to you.

thank you for your long comments here, thank you for sharing your experiences and intimate convictions (that would sometimes shift). Sometimes we fight here, we cry, or get mesmerized, but always while talking with one’s heart, with no injunction and benevolence. I am so amazed to see how much life is here. We are alone, different, unique, but all connected to this path of love and truth.

one again, Welcome!

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