is the future female?

Yes but No

this has just arrived at home…  and I look at her all the time, and i adore her. you may know his author, (aka Obey Giant) for his campaign for Obama.


So watch out, today is the not woman day, it is the International Womens Day (in French, we say International Womens Rights Days).

So, it is the moment to buy flowers to your lady, it is the moment to “enact” respect for her : for example, you can act today you will from now on do half of the house work with her, apply the same rules with your daughter and son, take action to apply wages equality, go in the street, or anywhere else, to fight a new anti-patriarcal world, you can also read this incredible article from david wong to explore how popular culture has been shaping mens toxicity towards women, thought unconscious and not welcomed, in order to get over it! etc, etc.


1. yes, i love and support THE FUTURE IS FEMALE

it is key today that our creativity and energy can also participate in building a new society, when girls think they are as smart as boys (we now know, that by age of 6, they “believe” they are not), can imagine any possibilities for themselves, are and feel respected, as much as boys. etc



(i don’t go on, not because it is not interesting, but you already know better than me the rest of the list).

go and support!


2. no, I don’t agree with this movement

hahahah, what did I just say the contrary?! okay well, I support, but contest!

I don’t like the idea of a feminine or female hegemony to create a new world (even if men are more than welcomed, the name of the movement itself says something very “specific” doesn’t it?)

ladies, domination is a héritage… of patriarcat.

the feminine is not meant to rule the world. feminine is about complexity, openness, flow…

You already it, I mostly believe in complementarity between feminin and masculin. this society makes me dreams. i’ll come back to that very quickly.

I mostly think we should stop injonctions (i know, i just did one… fuck!). today, we have to fight for equality in rights and perspective for all genders, but we should (i did not say must okay?!) to ask women/girls to be strong and performant… you mean, as men/boys?!



I see how “lovely” this image is, but it is actually, not at all!

we can’t bear women who want to be mum at home (not modern), we can’t be bear women who don’t want children (against nature), who show their nipples (bitches!), wear a veil (submitted!), we ask them to show they have balls (hey, go, go, go now!) we ask them to disapear (an anorexic body is so fit for bikini isn’t it?!). and when I say “we”… both some men and some women are responsible for this system.

well… give us a break!


So here we are, that allows me to answer to all your comments on my gender-posts which were found rather normative : it is everything but what I wish. Go for multitude, go for plural singularities. But it has to be total, we have to stop normalizing women and men, whatever their choices may be. I just have the desire to put words and possible orientations when I can be lost on the gender question.

The right equality doesn’t mean that we are all the same or that we all aspire to the same things.


3/ In synthesis, I’m happy anyhow.

I think there is a big confusion (firstly, in my case though) about this notion of gender. Because it is the same people who says « the future is female » and the one who says « we don’t care about gender, it’s all about constructions, men, women all the same. by the away if you are a tiny bit open-minded you will notice that you are bisexual. »

…ahem !

Well not for me, I do not recognize myself in this. I claim to believe that there is a difference in men-women or rather masculinity-femininity and saying that the future is female, it’s saying that there is a difference not necessarily confined in normative concepts but considerable in another part of ourselves and our relations (here again, we’ll come back to this very soon…).

I love it. Come on, make love, not war.



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