the Drama Triangle

According to Jerry Hyde

it has been a long time since I’ve planned to share my views about this cool triangle. but i’d rather film Jerry, to tell you everything about it, with his voice, his words and enlightening exemples.

to understand the mechanism of the drama triangle enabled me to get out of so many patterns, games i’ve been playing without even knowing it, while complaining and victimizing myself and not understanding why people did not follow my advices (damn i understood EVERYTHING SO FUCKING WELL!) and getting so angry about others.

… so cool.

i also come back to the notion of toxicity in relationships because i received a lot of comments after my post about perfection regarding toxic relashionship “against” you. how to get rid of them? to be franc, it is very hard to change one’s own perspective and welcome the idea that you are part of the toxic relationship. you need 2 people for a relation right? so far, it has been better to say ‘but it is his.her damn fault!” (if so, i advise you to see this video featuring  this video featuring Will Smith on fault and responsability).  From my own experience, and being on both sides of the toxicity, well the 3 angles) (my “major position” being quite obviously Compulsive Rescuer), we keep shifting from one position to the other on the same triangle. again and again. and again. To aknowledge is enabled me to stop every single toxic relationship i had, while intiating the change in myself to “level” my position from neurotic to “adult”.  this requires not to be afraid to end a relationship. that actually may shift to something deeply benevolent : a true connexion from heart to heart. it is by the way how i could sort out the relashionships that were essentially toxic (ie. essence was to be toxic)(ie. where every part replay ancient neurotic relationships) and those which essence was something else, and that could be born again in another shape. it can look sad but it isn’t, it is just marvelous. what is meant be, will be!

thank you so much for all your reaction to the first video about growing as an adult  ! i hope this one will also trigger things in you, follow you and help you in your journey (and no i am not trying to save you)(do what is good for you)(always). thank you to the super translators? you rock!

love love love

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