Happy New Year

of the Earth Dog

last week, with my Vietnamese scarf from Sapa, under the snow in Paris

It is the new year of the Earth Dog! Happiness, prosperity and longevity! I have plenty of things to share here :


As i tell you every year, we don’t make “good resolutions”, we act good. the whole first week, we try to only make good things. have a tidy home, little activity, being benevolent, no shout out or anger, eat well (and ll the time!), visit family and close friends, only simple things, simple but real. and to motivate people even more, we tend to tell that everything happening during this 1rst week will happen for the rest of the year… cheers ;p



Today i went to my son’s school, to explain the whole tradition to his classmates. we already know each other well, since i have been filming the kids at least once a year for the last 7 years. but this time i also wanted to tell them : I am like you, a French person, and this tradition, that come from elsewhere, are not jeopardizing the Republic, they enriching it! 

We have talked a lot for instance about the differences between our calendars. Here it is solar, there it is sun-moon based. which is different from only moon-based calendars. hence 2 children who do Ramadan could explain their own experience. so here it was not to say to make religion sound better, but just a way to open things, in a very relaxed way. children were so interested.  And Léo was proud to talk about Sapa rice terraces and all the delicious meals his grand parents are preparing for him.

You have to know these subjects are very taboo in France. so far, there is only one type of French people and they are White and Gaullois. in the UK or USA, there many ways to be British. I am always amazed for instance to see police women wearing muslim scarves. this is just impossible in France. and that is a shame! It took me a lot of time to understand it is a way to be French to show my face in a school, wearing a vietnamese scarf on my head. as Julie Hamaide, the founder of Koi, a magazine about the Asian Culture in France “We won’t spend our whole life, considered as immigrants! we belong here” let us go folks. vive la france!



this is HYPER IMPORTANT… hahahahahahahah and here I ask for your help because I have not seen anything. but for the last 2 years, its has been mind-blowing !

> 2 years ago : monkey : choas, everythign is going to burn! we began with all these death, bowie Prince, and then Cohen etc, plus Brexit and eventually… Trump! … wahou!

> last year : fire rooster : a challenging year of “re-organisation” and boundaries. what could be anymore, will not be anymore. around me major break ups, new type of relationships for me, and indeed… the whole me-too event!

it seems this year will be very “Yang”, in action, that will make project get finished, which is so good for my long river project! we also have to be careful not to have too much activity, for our health and some down moments. tell me if you know better!

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

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  • Chuc Mung Nam Moi!
    Van su nhu y!
    “we act good” speaks a lot to me. Remembering home, my mom welcoming the islamic new year with the same acts and principles.
    No life without rituals!
    & vive la diversité!

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