Letting Go

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I was watching my great and beautiful friend Géraldine with all my being i think. With all my love, for sure.

4 days before her first chimo… tssss

The microphone didn’t work that day. It never happens to me, except when I met Jerry. The sound on my rushes was saturated, inaudible most of the time… too many vibrations.

and Marisol that says « In India women cut their hair to break away from a part of their story. »

and I think of this book, of this amazing sentence « Love is a Safe Place ». Everything we live when we love. Everything we experience when we choose the path of love, and not the one of despair. and it vibrates even more. what a lesson, my Géraldine!

and i think of the documentary she recommended about Joan Didion, and the final sentence, sublime: « To remember what it is to be… me. That is always the point ».

Just let it go! love is love is love is love.

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