Growing as a feminine being

According to Jerry Hyde

thank you so so much for having welcomed the 1rst 2 videos in such a good way (growing as an adult, and out of drama triangle). I already knew Jerry’s position on gender and have being willing to make this post for about a year. But it was worth waiting a bit, because now I can also tell you, how this has been transformative for me.


1- explore my own misogyny

like for any dark side, being told you could be misogynist, may feel rude. the fact that he was taught that by a female friend, Sam Roddick (british feminist activist, daughter of the founder of The Body Shop and founder and  CEO of the erotic lingery brand Coco de Mer), made me less garden and more curious about it. so like for any dark side, instead of claiming it is absolute non-sense, i prefer to wonder : to which extend this is true? so, even if i don’t vote Trump, even if I don’t leave awful comments, body shaming other women, even if I don’t tell off women who play football, and blame them for not behaving “properly” like women (what a lot of women do), I have acknowledged it took me some time to welcome my man as “being” a whole person, with his vulnerability, doubts, traumas. with his “inner sea”. to understand it has transformed my relationship in couple, with my male friends, but also with my boy.  

the other day, we were doing this projection of THE WORK (yes I keep talking about it!!! just watch it please!!!). a lot of it is about vulnerability, in these sacred circles of men, gathered in a womb-like hyper feminine way. several women in the audience were so surprised during the debate after ” i never thought that men could deal with these emotions, or that they could need our support.” others also were saying “oh but i realize that I raise my children (both girls and boys) by refusing them to cry, to train them to be strong. i never thought i just wanted them to grow like “real men”, to man up! (ie. not be weak cheeks)”. i invite you to visit that part of yourself, that part of femininity, you refuse to see in others… and in yourself.


2- me, a feminine being

a lot of debate with my friends end quickly by “but if there is a masculine and a feminine, how can we define them?!” which actually means : if we can’t put words or think them, then it proves it just does not exist!

this video reminds me of my philosophy classes… even for “a cat” it is impossible to define it with words. oh yes, you actually can with very complexe scientific words. but even with that, you cannot explain its proper energy, attitude. what “a cat” is, is an intuition of a cat, and if you are not cut from it, a 3-year-old kid can say without mistake “this is a cat”. words are words, they don’t define everything.

so when Jerry says, feminine and masculine are energies, spirits, this makes a tremendous statement! THANK YOU! we have already talked about the boat and the sea.


Gran Mamare
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Even though…

I have not understood so far that Jerry was a “feminine being”.

wow, what a statement! we often think that if we are one, we can’t be the other, that we should be placed on a 2D spectrum. but actually, it is a 3D matrix, where you can be very strong on both aspects, masculin AND feminine. it is btw said that those who become buddhas, have reached a perfect balance between the 2.

so when I think of my own case, it becomes suddenly so evident i still have a lot to do, to develop my feminine, that part of wild woman running with wolves. or should i’d rather say, my access to her. not that i “have to”, but I miss her. I feel separate from her. 

so for those who say  “the question is not about being a man or a woman, but about being human.” I’d say yes, absolutely! … but no, not entirely! i don’t feel whole. adult, yes, human, yes, mother, yes, on my path, yes! but feminine being… not really (we ‘ll talk about it soon). 

for exemple, we often say the feminine force is receptive (YIN), and complementary with (YANG). but me, I feel uneasy or even shameful to claim my receptive force. my programmed jugement is to say this is lousy, but isn’t it what i do while receiving, itw, listening to people s’ journey here? isn’t it what i feel when i enjoy sexe with my partner? I still have issues with that. the other day also I was itw by an genius astrologist on her IG account, for her moon-like portrait  (here), it took 10 minutes to answer to the question : what is your best quality. My go was for “softness”, but I would have preferred something really cool like “entrepreneurship”. pffff, i still have work to do…

and I find this  SOOOOO EXCITING!!!!


3- balanced, healthy and whole

to work on my polarities enable me to use one, or the other, or none, or both, according to circumstances. it stabilises me, strengthens me, from within. i don’t have to run faster, kick stronger, fly higher, no, there is no agitation, there is a stillness. and that is what i witness in Jerry, like in these prisonners doing the WORK.  it brings calm, inner reconciliation, and beauty. growing as an adult is also that i imagine. OH OUI! as Jerry says, let’s celebrate the feminine!!!! ;D


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