the Peaceful Queen

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I met Amelie at the Mona, you might know her blog, Ah Mais Lis, we were both members of the jury for those incredible Voguing balls that I like so much.

I was obsessed by her outfits, the way she held pose, her hairstyle.  We decided to make a video together and as it happens to me sometimes… we couldn’t make it work.  Then I came back from vacation, I received a short message from her saying “ this is it, he’s born, would you like to come and film us?”

“Well yeah, of course, yes yes!”

I get there, ring the bell, climb up.  The door was ajar.  Amelie was sitting on the black living room couch next to Jayden.  So I could see her from afar, her silhouette not knowing I was here.  She was so pretty.  Really… a queen.  It looked like a painting.  Something very simple and at the same time such… splendor!

To tell you the truth, it kind of bothered me right on the spot, like during the edit, and then this reference to god. myself who grew up completely closed about religious subject.  And I found it beautiful that she talked about it in such manner, without concerns.

We never know the parent that we will become, but it is rare to find such serenity and confidence like Amelie.  We usually  ask ourselves thousands of questions about how to do it well (right?) and there, Amelie was proud and happy.  And this is all that matters. Beauty overload!

Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal – Mako Mady

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