Léo and his Lego spinning tops

Or the art of of getting around boredom

This kid! This kid drives me nutso!

The other day, I asked Leo to go be bored a bit in his room.  I have a son who hates the idea of boredom, as he states “Tâm is the one who stresses, at the idea of being hungry, Mom you stress about being tired and me about being bored”.  Well, at least this puts things in place!

Leo therefore wants to be busy all the time, especially to be on his computer.

So together we built a boredom acceptance and welcome program.

This Wednesday afternoon, Leo then is going to his bedroom ”to be bored”… and I no longer hear him.  2 hours later he comes back with this treasures of ingenuity.  What I mean is that he invented a process and thousands of variations of weight, colors, designs…

It’s a known fact that boredom pushes creativity.  It’s also, a crazy apprenticeship to understand for certain that some of our phobias are manageable, and that we can even harness them with creativity!

Again bravo Léo!  (if anyone has connections with Lego… Leo would be very proud to present his designs)

Piotr LLitch Tchaïkovsky – Dance of the reed flutes

Justin Timberlake – Can’t stop the feeling

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