Free Your Fun #2

My baby is 10!

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HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Kids are genius! I laugh and laugh, we laughed until our belly hurts at the pad! (Uh …and you, how are you?).Last year we already mentioned the gently nuts atmosphere of our kids birthday celebration, and this year for her 10 years Tâm wanted a real party.

I have to admit to my late arrival right on the day of the birthday already…. Dead tired! The first 30 minutes were a little bit… hummm… tough. But then, the kids were so happy, so funny, so beautiful, so naturally carefree, with their “fashion faux pas” and their ”where is my anti wrinkle cream” that I almost died of laughter (and of exhaustion). Several times! It’s also touching because some of them like Moussa were with Tâm in baby day care, so we have been connected since… 10 years! Whaaaat ?!!!

Wishing you the most beautiful birthday my grown darling. And thousands of kisses to you all!

Feeling hyped

Silentò – Watch me

Mark Ronson – Uptown funk (ft. Bruno Mars)

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