Léo’s 8th Birthday


(activate English subtitles)

“Mummy, why don’t you also film my birthday parties?!” (he could have added : what… do they suck? Only Tâm‘s interest you?!)

My son knows the art of asking right questions. (up to me to answer afterwards)(generally it comes like : “…euh…”). With his golden bow tie, his pyjama-like trousers, and his flying boats.

From where I come, it has not always been easy to follow, understand and even sometimes accept him. But with all this love, this craziness, this chaos, Leo is the person who made me grow most, in 40 years. thank you son!

So when I see these images, so simple, so funny, so free, it makes me feel something.

and at home we keep laughing and laughing while replaying the video again and again!


have a great great end of the week everyone!

Lilly Wood and the Prick – Middle of the night

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