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Hello Chickies,

I don’t know if it’s due to my various Buddhist or Seymour-esque explorations, but I just had an enormous realization about the cosmetic world, often referred to as the “World of Beauty”.

It’s about the story of the finger pointing at the moon. My dad, who learned it from Buddhist teachings, always told me: do not mistake one for the other.

And then by looking at Instagram feeds the other day (huda beauty or nyx, etc…) I told myself: this is nuts, totally nutso! Tell me again that we consider beauty? I love that women display their complete transformations and therefore show their true self, honestly I find this beautiful. But this demonstrates well that cosmetics are not “beauty”! There is no judgment here but the power of the word is such that I think it better to call things by their righteous name.

A hydrating cream, sunscreen, a lipstick, I find this just brilliant: nah, but a lipstick is a colored stick and it’s applied on the lips, damn it I LOVE THIS! but it’s not beauty, it’s not “a weapon of seduction”, it’s not “be yourself”, etc.….

So of course it’s creative, it’s playful, it’s social but what is truly beautiful is to create, to have fun, to express which tribe you want to belong to. It’s …you. Not the lipstick. Do you follow me?

And do not let anyone, no guy, no girlfriend, no magazine, no commercial, nor yourself tell you that you need cosmetic “to be beautiful”. Fuck the “you must have”.

The other day, a “ beauty” journalist asked me what was my opinion on “butt contouring”… NO KIDDING?! (I had to answer that (unfortunately) I had no expertise on the matter….) (hahahahahahaha)

I do not challenge the marketing and journalists teams who are working to create products/stories that you like reading and find helpful. I’m not at the point of where to say you rotten lying pieces of garbage but I think it’s necessary to like cosmetics for what they are… meaning cosmetics do not equal beauty necessarily. And at the moment when you are mistaking one for the other, you are on the way to create a lot of…ugliness. In reality the objectification of beauty is awful! Just look at the majority of the advertising in the cosmetic industry…


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