Halalalala, I don’t know for you but this (end of the) year! these news, these images of the world. this world… pfff.

After crashing in tears in my daughters arms, falling sick for the 15th time of the year, I had a kind of wake up call. we all have the right to feel vulnerable, stressed and helpless, but maybe the last thing this world in pain needs is more humans crying.

i think of this book of Nicolas GO about Joy, saying that if you indulge into sadness because of sad news, then you will lose twice. when, things go wrong, you should respond with your inner joy. JOY!

in this gloomy period, the main danger is to forget the light. To forget our inner light. we must never forget how much this light must keep shining, never underestimate how much the world needs it. we must carry on. for ourselves, and then for others!

i put here a link to help people in Aleppo.

with love

edit : this post has been written before Berlin attacks. all my thoughts and heart goes to the families and people out there.

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