the Sense of Gratuity

The other day, I was asked by Garnier to write a text about color for the launch of a hair product. I thought to myself that this part of the text could interest you. Tell me !

“I often introduce my classes by telling my students the following story: if you watch a film in black and white, you’ll understand the whole story and all the subtleties of the emotional relationships between the different characters. You don’t need colors to tell a story.


Autumn trilogy Se fondre dans le décor ???#maicolors

Une publication partagée par Mai Hua (@mai_hua) le

In that sense, color is kind of a bonus, a free gift. This idea of a gift is also there in the fact that everyone can wear color. Regardless of your measurements, your age, your skin tone or the original color of your hair. You can love and wear any color that appeals to you.

In some cases, your hair can become the most visible color on your entire body. And in some sense, coloring it is about making it part of you again. It’s about playing with who you are in your image, but also with other people, because color is the first thing the eye sees before it sees shape or cut.

You like it?

Loads of kisses !

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