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hey yo beauties!

thank you so so much for all your coms and shares about Edwige Antier’s video. thank you so so much. i have received also personal messages from friends and family. all these sharings… so much life! thank you! merci!

on the other hand i wanted to come back to something that caught my attention, or should i say that caught the attention of some of you, because if i gather all my networks (that are sooo huge), i’ve received 4 comments talking about “making them feel guilty” : the moment when Edwige talks about here own personal experience as a working single mother made at least 4 persons feel guilty. or made at least 4 persons feel this could cause guilt. 4 persons commenting the same way, it is huge.
at the beginning i felt wrong for Edwige, who is my guest. i do not always agree with her but i feel profound admiration for her. so i felt bad regarding her, who never meant to make anyone feel guilty, and i felt wrong regarding you who felt guilty. i never meant to. sorry.
on the other (other) hand i so much wanted that moment in the video, i really asked my editor to intergrate it in the video. and after watching it again and again, i still love it.

so i would like that we walk together, one towards the other. so maybe it was inappropriate. sorry again if you felt wrong.

on your side, i would like you to make one step too. shall we debate together? this thing about feeling guilty took me back to 3 other guilt events/thoughts :

– my friend géraldine wrote a post (sorry i can’t find it) about different sites or ig flows featuring hyper sportive women posting their abs and various achievements. she did not know wether she should feel motivated or miserable compared to these cheeks.

– a girlfriend was attenting a feminist business forum. plenty of her friends and clients came out of it saying they felt even worse because they knew they could not achieve anything of what the business women there, were talking about.

– when my mum, who is a doctor, told me “leo caught a cold” i would sometimes answer “stop making me feel guilty”.

ok, i guess you understand my point. so may i re-quote Brené and tell you very loudly YOU ARE ENOUGH! vous are gorgeous. gor-geous! and we all strive so much on our education, jobs and bodies. well ok with our whole femininity. but here i feature a video talking about being benevolent, about our difficulty in feeling worth-full, about a woman, who despite great difficulties, just made it and oh weuhou BE CAREFULL about this super disruptive statement : feels proud of herself! oh gosh!!!

and then you she is “making” you feel guilty? be more confident! go go gO! we just tell you, it is possible, and if you feel helpless, come, we are here to help you. don’t feel guilty about anything.

voilà! i really hope this can help!
ah yes, just to finish this post, i wanted to tell you AGAIN about benevolence and all the magic i find here. the illustration above has been made by someone called flora. flora had met Vanessa in a gallery she works in. she took her adress to send her invitations and news. flora also knows the blog and recognized vanessa on the video. so she drew this to her and mailed her this amazing piece of love, with some kind words on the other side. isn’t it beautiful?!

ok bye, i am going to cry a little bit.

see ya next week (it is going to be piouf… okay i already cry!)

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