Growing as a Man

according to Jerry Hyde, in Vlan

To fight against violence against women requires tackling a deep re-invention of men. help them welcome their vulnerability, their experience as human, including their gendered experience, out of the trap of domination. 

Non-binary, gender fluidity are an enormous progress for our society, still it is a not an adequate for everyone in their intimate identities.  

I am a woman, I need to be able to grow and quest as a woman. A lot of men don’t find answers as men (whatever it means for them) because this quest involves also to dig into violence and domination. and frankly, it does not help anyone! I feel so proud that Jerry can contribute to this world, yes in a quite unusual way,  as a therapist, notably in his men’s group. And I  have to precise here his group is welcoming transgender like Joseph, who is happy to be welcomed in a new life, with benevolence and power. 

thank you to my friend Gregory Pouy to broadcast such subtle and unfamiliar messages, that I hope can help us grow. 

Viva Vlan! his podcast! you can listen to the podcast here anglais!

big love

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