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Thank you again for all your comments.  Everything that we exchange here, all these emotions, all our truth, but it feels great!

I have 2 announcements to make.  First, Is that the blog will be available in an English version.  (in English yes! ). I didn’t get 5 years of the blog translated, but we tried to process a large part and most important to upcoming ones. Because I work all the way to the very last minute, there will always be a small offset timing with the translation, but we are committed to do it  I so want to share my ideas, all that I do, and I put a lot of hope in this English version.  Don’t hesitate to support the blog by sharing it with English speaking friends:  not necessarily from the UK or US, I often receive comments from Italians, Spanish, etc. people that leave messages on You Tube like “I understand nothing but I love it, continue, I watch all your videos.”

The 2nd announcement is that I am launching a new series.  While forcing myself to describe or analyze what I do, I realize, that I proceed by phase, by successive molting. Therefore, I am going to revise my categories because actually it applies closer to a series.  The category is more like a magazine column that I am going to continually feed; the series is rather a research that sometimes ends.  It ends not when it ceases to be interesting but when I was able to answer to my questions (often unconsciously).

For example, my beauty portrait allowed me to understand the link that I maintained with my own image.  And that wasn’t, for me, so important after all, it’s a game, it’s creative, it’s moving, but what is important to me is what’s happening inside.  Within the intimate. The image is merely the emanation.  Same with my artist portraits, they questioned my own status:  am I an artist?

And since I ruled that yes (YES), thus, I don’t seek it anymore.  You follow me?

So here it is, Wednesday I will start a new section.  I told you that after the terrorist attack of November 13th I was going to look for an answer.  But an answer that would be aligned with who I am, what I do and what I can contribute.  I departed from the principle that those attacks were the result of a sick and unhappy society.  But the society, it’s me, it’s you, it’s us.  So if I don’t change myself, how can I expect the others to do it?  So I went in search of other ways to think, to live, to do.  Spirit Horse had in some way closed a first phase.  And this first phase made me conscious of being small minded, about my references and perceptions.  And precisely our society, while being intelligently developed is greatly missing consciousness, and this consciousness I can’t expand it if don’t extract myself from this society who always repeat “we can’t do otherwise” which turns me into a…sheep!?

The series will now be a grouping of interview of personalities “outside the society norm” Not that they live on the fringe of it but because their thinking mode, their actions offer another version of it.  I have met a few new people and I can’t wait for you to meet them.  I still hesitate on the title, either WILD WISDOM or OUT-OF-THE-BOX WISDOM.  What do you think? Yeah ok, you aren’t quite sure what it is yet.

In any case I am very happy and enthusiastic at the idea to introduce you to all these people.  And above all I think it’s about time that I introduce you to very first one… Jerry?!


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