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I am very proud to (re) introduce Pénélope and her new collection for la Fiancée du Facteur, the Neréides. The more she talked to me the more I was seeing her self-portrait be outlined under my eyes.  Penelope, precious stones hunter, so beautifully blond, So funny with her whistle, Indiana jones and Neréide daughter! Throughout her collection, the choice and research of each stone, the creation of this amazing necklace, I remembered her beginning (right here) et told myself: what a take-off and what a woman!

(And here goes for us all, another beautiful thought on feminity…)

This collection will soon be for sale at (them again), it will also be available oh her site, and the genius and very much in demand notjustalabel, based in London.

Lots and lots of admiration…And I don’t say that that just because she is my sister in law.

Viva Penelope!


Richard Reed Parry – Quartet for Heart and Breath

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