EL NIDO, Philippines

Colors of my Journey

Enter a calm colorful place.


El Nido, to tell you the truth is truly breathtaking.  And I say that while it will be my third trip there.  The very first time was 20 years ago.  It’s some sort of the end of the world with stunning landscape, water colors, those towering asphalt grey sugar loaf mountains. Everything is huge, (the limestone rock formations are much bigger than the ones in the Ha Long Bay which El Nido is often compared to) and there is a renewed sense of wonderment at each moment, no matter what time of the day or night.  And these sunset which last for 45 minutes.  It’s mind blowing, really mind blowing!


And I didn’t have underwater camera, therefore I couldn’t film the corals, the fishes or the coves only accessible by diving under rock archways…


I hope that I have given you a taste of the trip, I wish you all a beautiful day!

John Lee Hooker – The Waterfront

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